2020 schedule is subject to change at any time and without notice. Additional events to be added & updated as they are scheduled. Please make sure to follow Fall River Hot Air Balloon Festival on Facebook for the latest updates on the weekend of the event.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Approx 6:00AM: Balloons Launch from Hot Springs Airport (Weather Permitting)

9:00AM-11:00AM: Walk-In Balloon @ The Mammoth Site (Sponsored by Western Horizons Hot Air Balloons)

10:00AM-4:00PM: FREE Kid Zone in Centennial Park

10:00AM-4:00PM: Vendors in Centennial Park

10:00AM-4:00PM: Art Walk & Chalk

7:00PM: Night Glow at Hot Springs Airport (Weather Permitting)

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Approx 6:00AM: Balloons Launch from Hot Springs Airport (Weather Permitting)

6:00 AM - Balloons Launch from Hot Springs Airport

WHEN TO ARRIVE: We recommend arriving at the Hot Springs Municipal Airport (located at 27858 US-385, visit our “Get Here” page for directions) around 5:00 AM to get parked and find a comfortable spot to see the balloons. The City of Hot Springs does provide limited bleacher seating. There are parking spots available for handicap - please speak with one of the traffic guides to reach them. Please follow all traffic directions for your safety.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING?: The weather is pretty chilly at this early an hour in the morning, even in late summer, so a light jacket may be recommended. Many folks bring blankets to sit on on the grass. Being so close to a large body of water like Angostura State Recreation Area, we would also recommend bug spray. There will be vendors on site selling breakfast and drinks. And of course, don’t forget your camera or smartphone! The balloons are an absolutely beautiful sight as the sun rises. Please use the hashtag #FallRiverBalloonFest in any posts you share out!

WHEN WILL THE BALLOONS LAUNCH?: Balloon pilots have a meeting shortly before the scheduled launch to gauge the weather. There’s a lot of science that goes into launching, and if the winds are too strong, if it’s raining, or they feel there’s any danger, the balloons may not launch. But if they do (and they usually do!) they will begin inflation around 6:00 AM.

DO THE BALLOONS LAND AT THE AIRPORT?: No, hot air balloons do not fly back to the airport - they go where the wind takes them, and the pilot lands in a safe location. If you arrive late expecting to see the balloons, you may be disappointed, and we don’t want that!

9:00 AM to 11:00 PM - Walk-In Balloon at The Mammoth Site

10:00AM to 4:00 PM - Kid Zone & Vendors in Centennial Park; Art Walk & Chalk, Sidewalk Sales & Live Music throughout Downtown Hot Springs

WHAT IS A “WALK-IN BALLOON”?: A Walk-In Balloon is a retired hot air balloon that is partly inflated by large, regular air fans to allow you to step in and walk around inside. It’s a really cool experience for any age!

DOES IT COST ANYTHING TO GO INSIDE THE WALK-IN BALLOON?: Nope! It is 100% free thanks to our friends at Western Horizons Hot Air Balloons, which you can book flights through year-round at

HOW DO I GET TO THE WALK-IN BALLOON?: The Walk-In Balloon will be inflated in the front lawn of the Mammoth Site, which is at 1800 US-18 Bypass. You can find more specific directions here:

WHAT DOES THE KID ZONE COST?: Thanks to our event sponsors, we are proud to present the Kid Zone 100% free for all kids to use and play on Saturday. We just ask that you please support our local downtown shops, restaurants and businesses while you visit and play!

HOW DO I GET TO THE KID ZONE?: The Kid Zone will be at Centennial Park in downtown Hot Springs, between North River Street and North Garden Street. From North River Street, take Jennings Avenue west one block across the bridge over the river, and Centennial Park will be on your right. There will be large inflated attractions.

WHAT’S THE ART WALK & CHALK?: There will be artists showcasing and selling artwork throughout downtown Hot Springs. Kids & adults of all ages will also be able to create their own artwork outside local businesses using sidewalk chalk during this time.

7:00 PM - Night Glow at Hot Springs Airport

WHAT IS A NIGHT GLOW?: A night glow is where balloons are set up at sunset and inflated as if they will take off, but instead they are tethered down and held by the ground crew. Because the propane burners keep the balloons inflated, when the burners are turned on, the balloons look like giant light bulbs!

WHEN WILL THE BALLOONS GLOW?: Just like the balloon launches in the morning, the Night Glow is also weather dependent. If the winds are too strong, or there looks to be any rain or storms, the glow may be cancelled. Just like the morning launches, the pilots have a small meeting shortly before the event to determine if it’s safe to inflate the balloons. But if they are able to glow, they will start around 7:00 PM.

HOW WILL I KNOW IF THE NIGHT GLOW IS CANCELLED?: Please make sure to follow the Balloon Festival and the Hot Springs Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook. We will try to update the website as soon as possible, but we post the quickest and most recent updates on social media. The Festival’s Facebook page is and the Chamber of Commerce’s page is